Welcome to Pikin To Pikin. We are a local NGO based in the Freetown and Kailahun regions of Sierra Leone.

Pikin-to-Pikin movement is a not-for-profit child welfare non-governmental organisation in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our organisation’s mandate is child protection. The name Pikin-to-Pikin is a lingua franca translation of child-to-child. We aim to use child-to-child methodologies in our activities enabling children not only to teach their peers but also their families and communities.

The organisation was established during the peak of the brutal rebel war in Sierra Leone in 1994. During that period, little attention was given to child protection issues as more individuals and organisations were occupied with relief and peace initiatives. During the war, the rights of children were grossly violated. Many children were forcefully conscribed into the fighting forces which included the national army, the rebel forces and the civil militia. As a result, these children missed out on education and their childhood. The effects of the war meant children died from preventable and curable childhood diseases such as diarrhea and malaria. The situation in Sierra Leone for many years was such that there was very little protection for children. Even at the end of the war, the central government and non-governmental organisations were too engaged in giving relief supplies to be able to pay full attention to most child protection projects.

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