Current Projects

School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project (SSHEP)

Over the years we have developed a Water Sanitation programme of which the School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project (IEC on WATSAN) is an integral component. This was due to high prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases (most of them easily preventable) in Sierra Leone causing many people, particularly children, to fall ill and die. We use the Child- to- child methodology in the implementation of the IEC WATSAN activities (Information, Education and Communication on water sanitation) in primary schools and their communities.

We have also introduced the School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) in schools where schools are triggered so improved sanitation can continue from the schools to the communities. The organisation is also implementing the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in 4 district of the country. The principal of the approach is to trigger communities to ignite a general sense of disgust and shame and then provide them with the encouragement and motivation necessary to make changes.  CLTS aims to create Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities and therefore improve the sanitation conditions for all people. The CLTS approach works without providing subsidies to communities and allows them to use their own creativity, tools and experience to create latrine which suite their personal needs.

Child Health and Development Project

This project is currently been implemented in both Moyamba and Kailahun districts of the country. The overall objective of this project is to improve the health and cognitive, physical, mental, behavioral and social development of children under – five years of age.  The specific objective of the project is to reduce under–five mortality and to increase access to early childhood care and development services in the two districts

Girl Child Education Project

A combination of poverty, disease and backward cultural practices continue to deny the girl child her right to education. Even with the introduction of free primary education, access to education still remains a pipe dream to many children in Sierra Leone. Whereas the introduction of free primary education in the country saw an increase in the enrolment, a sizeable number of children, especially girls still find themselves out of school owing to a number of reasons.

It is against this background that Pikin-To-Pikin has taken the initiative to embark on awareness raising and sensitization on the access of the girl child to primary education in our operational areas. The project embark on mass awareness Raising and Sensitization on the access of the Girl Child to Primary Education and ensure on building the capacity of school communities to ensure that children of primary school going age have access to high quality primary education

School Related Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence is a menace in Sierra Leone so it is of utmost importance that it be given a serious consideration. Rates of self- immolation and gender based violence have increased after the post conflict situation in the country. We cannot build a world of peace unless we end violence against women. Considering Women and girl’s vulnerabilities to rape, sexual exploitation in offices, schools, streets, homes, etc and all other forms of GBV is enough reasons to combat GBV and its untold consequences. It is against background that Pikin-to-Pikin is partnering with Concern Worldwide to raise awareness in schools and communities on Gender Based Violence and find ways of minimizing it in the targeted schools and communities. The broad objective of this project to raise awareness, build the relevant capacity and strengthen the appropriate mechanism that will enable the community to respond to SRGBV issue in 96 schools and their communities in Tonkolili district by end of December 2012.

Advocacy on Child rights, abuse and neglect

The organisation creates awareness and stirs sensitivity with the aim of enlightening each individual to recognize and accept his or her responsibility to stand up for children’s rights. The organisation uses as its basis international instruments such as the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. At national level we use the Child Rights Act which domesticate the international charter on child rights

Safe School Project

A safe learning environment is focused on academic achievement, maintaining high standards, fostering positive relationship between staff and students. Students deserve to be in a safe learning environment so that they can enjoy quality learning. They must be safe from physical and emotional harm and diseases etc. The objective of the Safe School Project is to create a conducive environment for children to learn. The organisation is implementing child friendly schools in the Tonkolili district in partnership with Concern worldwide

Community mobilization and animation

Through community animation, our organization is able to facilitate the empowerment of communities for self-development through community mobilization and sensitization toward educational activities. Our animation skills have helped us to sensitized and mobilized communities in sending their girl child to school. It has also help increasing access for girl child retention and attainment in Primary Schools. Through this method children are able to sensitize their peers groups using the child-to-child approach in and out of school.  The community animation skills had helped us train communities in dealing with School Related Gender Based Violence, child development and health related issue. Moreover, our animation skills had also help mobilize community women to establish mother clubs in support of education in schools and communities to become more responsible for the activities initiated to address education, their problems and needs.

This process has help community women to participate in Water Sanitation program in the School sanitation & hygiene Education, Adopt a family, Community Led Total Sanitation, School Led total Sanitation, Provision of WATSAN facilities in schools and the maintenance training of all facilities.

In addition, our Community animation had also help us to strengthening school management Committee to assume active roles in supporting school activates through training, education, and advocacy geared towards child survival and development, abuse and neglect in schools and their communities.

Accountability and transparency

Our organization has a track record over the years in the area of accountability, credibility and transparency. We are transparent with our donors, beneficiaries, staff and community members in implementing projects. Our organization is a role model and had encourages other child organizations to improve in the area of efficient, useful and ethical use of their resources. Annual report and auditing is one such tool that had shown our accountability and transparency as we have never found wanting by any of our donor/implementing partners. The organisation is complying with laws, rules and regulations guiding the operations of NGOs in the country.