One area where Pikin-to-Pikin Movement has excelled in the past years is in the area of partnership and collaboration. Indeed the organization has a long history of collaboration with a lot of other partners-starting with UNICEF. Pikin-To-Pikin Movement was established with encouragement and support from UNICEF in 1994 as UNICEF supported most of Pikin to Pikin  activities during the formative years. The collaboration and partnership have extended during the years to other NGOs both local and international that have the same or similar vision as that of Pikin-to-Pikin. In this category, we have worked particularly in partnership with following organisations/agencies.

No. Name of organisation Name of project Address of the organisation
1. UNICEF · Expanded Programme on Immunization (Social Mobilization
· Promotion of the convention on the rights of the child in school and communities
· School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS)
· Promotion of the Child Rights Act through visual arts (children’s drawing completion)
Care of Medical Stores, New England, Freetown, Sierra Leone
2. Plan Sierra Leone · Education renewal project (community mobilization and animation)
· School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project
· Malaria prevention and control project
· Maternal and Child Health Project
· Girl Child Education project
· Disaster Risk Reduction
· Community Led Total Sanitation (WASH Project)
6 cantonment Road, off Kingharman  Road, Freetown
3 Concern World Wide · School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project
· Safe School Project
· School Related Gender Based Violence
23a Cantonment Road, Off Kingharman Road, Freetown.
4 Right To Play HIV/AIDS project in schools and communities (Live Safe, Play, Safe) Off Wilkinson Road
5 Child-to-Child Trust Increasing access, retention and attainment in Primary Schools, A child-to-child approach Child to Child, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL, UK
5 War Child · Advocacy on child rights, abuse and neglect
· Community Base psychosocial project
3 Moses Conteh Street, Makeni, Bombali district

Other collaborating/implementing partners

  • Talented Young People Everywhere (TYPE)
  • Community Animation and Development Organization
  • Forum For African Women Educationalists
  • Sierra Leone Red Cross Society

We also work in collaboration with government line ministries, and particularly worthy of mention in this category are:

  • Ministry of Health and sanitation particularly the health education division
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and their inspectorate offices
  • Ministry of Social welfare, gender and Children’s Affairs
  • Ministry of Development and Economic Planning (MODEP)

In addition to this, we work in close collaboration with Community based organizations, the media and the police. The partnership is always a two way street and we have tried our best to keep it that way. The synergy in this varies from joint implementation of projects, hiring the services of partner organizations to implement parts of a project, to transferring matters to partners that can best be handled by them. Pikin-to-Pikin is always active in any national activity that has to do with the welfare of children. This includes National Immunization Days, Day of the African Child, mami en Pikin wel bodi week and a host of other events. The organisation is also a member of coalitions such as the Child Rights Coalition, Education For All Coalition, West African Network For Peace Building (WANEP), Education Stakeholders Forum etc.

This wide range of collaboration and partnership has contributed in no small way to the successes we have scored in our projects and the impact we have created so far.